Monday, January 13, 2014

Farmers torturing dogs

I saw two big white dogs in small cages in a traditional market in Shindang, near Tongdaemoon back in the late 90s. It was raining. One dog had a tennis ball shoved into its mouth. A wire running through the tennis ball and tied so tightly around the dog’s face that it was cutting into the sides of its mouth. The other dog was licking his poor friend’s face. It was obvious that he had begun to be tortured. Koreans believe that they need to torture the dogs before killing them as they believe that will make the meat taste sweeter. They then burn the hair of the dog with a butane torch and beat the dogs to death. They used to sell the dog meat in ice cream freezers near my old house in Kyunggido. The dog head’s on top, prominently displayed over the hind quarters and paws. The dog’s faces invariably in an agonizing grimace.