Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upcoming Show...Baek, In-je will answer viewer questions on the air

Please post your Korea-related questions in the comments section and I will answer them on a show next week. Also appearing next week, the lovely Dokdo dancers.


  1. In-Je, it's more than evident to the entire world that South Korea is America's bitch. How long will it be before they man up and defend their own country and stop hiding from their national defense obligations behind the American flag?

  2. Ok, here goes: Koreans have massive cabbage sized heads. Is this in any way related to all the kimchi they eat?

  3. ...and can you address the irony of having a gigantic head and a teeny weeny brain?

  4. Dear Baek In-Jae, you should probably turn on comment moderation, now that you have Korean Klowns copy+pasting hate messages onto your blog. Actually, it's a kind of marker that you've truly arrived, once you have Klowns (in America, haha!) posting hate comments on your blog, so welcome to the club, dude!


    1. Why do Koreans shout into their cell phones?
    2. Why do Koreans shout in general, even when they are standing right next to eachother?
    3. Why can Koreans dish out criticism, but not take any?
    4. Why does anyone other than post-menopausal unemployed women watch Korean soap operas? What's the appeal exactly?
    5. On a Korean news broadcast, why does the female anchor always sit on the right side?
    6. Why are Koreans who emigrate from Korea apparently so patriotic on the internet, but not in their real life actions?
    7. Why do Koreans dress up and buy shitloads of gear like they are climbing Mount Everest, only to go on simple day-hikes?
    8. Why are there so many mirrors everywhere? (Classrooms, elevators, outside elevators, hallways etc)
    9. If Koreans love being Korean so much, why do so many of them get plastic surgery to look non-Korean?
    10. Why is wearing a micro-miniskirt or hotpants ok, but wearing a spaghetti strap top "slutty"?
    11. Why are Koreans always in such a hurry? (They rush and shove to get inside the subway car, they blow through red lights, etc. Why the rush?)
    12. Why do people always bump into me? This is the only country I've ever been in, where people bump into me on sidewalks, in elevators, on the subway, etc. Didn't experience this in other crowded places like Tokyo, or Hong Kong.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. you basically just cut and pasted your phillipic to Maggie and Chosundildo and addressed it to me. OK...word for we know you are an unoriginal Korean. You also cut and pasted the same speech on the Expat Hell blog OK.

    I have to tell you, it really isn't scary. It comes off like what a 6th grader would write...a disturbed 6th grader who really just needs a hug. Don't worry: once you get into the Korean military, you'll get all the late night hugs you need.

    We finished here? Ok...go walk across the street a few times right before the green arrows disappear, not looking in front of you, head down in a cell phone like the other Korean Zombies.

  6. Neat site! Here are some questions:

    1. Why do the ROK armed forces issue service members hats which are almost never worn?

    2. Common Korean wisdom holds that Korea has been invaded and occupied between 2000 and 10000 times. That comes out to an invasion/occupation between almost once every other year and twice a year if we assume the other bit of common wisdom about the Korean nation being 5000 years old! How does this make sense?

    3. Kids of Korean immigrants in America have a reputation of putting in a lot of hard work, getting into top universities and acquiring successful careers with no outside help. Yet the majority of them become staunch Democrats (with the occasional Marxist) and are convinced they have been discriminated against by a mean spirited American society. Why is this?

    4. Many Koreans bemoan the fact Korean cuisine is not particularly popular in America. Instead of taking steps to make their food approachable (like the Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, etc have done) they chalk it up to Americans being stupid and racist. Explain.

    5. Why do Koreans go on and on about the "One Nation" business when they largely seem to have contempt for their cousins in the North?