Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miss Daegu 2013: Plastic, Indentical Stepford Wives

You want to know exactly how sick Korean society is? Look at all the identical contestants for this year's Miss Daegu pageant. The winner will go on to the Miss Korea pageant. A few of the girls look different from each other, but it still looks like a few different women in different dresses. This is not what Korean women naturally look like. I saw no broad African noses, no U-line jaws, and no tiny little eye slits. This is fucking scary. I suggest to all my readers that you not get married to a KKKorean woman until you see her high school pictures. You could be marrying a monster with a skilled doctor. Only in Korea.

It's a MOTHERFUCKING Clone Parade.

Korea: Twice the Pride, Half the Dignity


  1. I think she looks great in any hairstyle.

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  3. Your videos are interesting! I would love to hear more!