Monday, March 25, 2013

Four Korean marriages and a recommendation


  1. Lots of anger in today's show, but the stories were very interesting. On any given Friday or Saturday night, at the UN club, you can bump into more than a few Korean ex-wives of soldiers who came back to Korea after divorcing with their western husbands.

    I once knew this Korean girl who was best friends with this girl I was going out with. One day at the COEX, she introduced us to her fiance, an American Air Force pilot. They were getting married and moving to the USA.

    A couple of weeks later, I'm in Hongdae at the Tin Pan, and I see the same girl. I walk up to her, and she's with some white guy. I assume that he's the fiance but my memory is foggy. I say "Hey, is that your fiance?" and she gives me a look of sheer panic. The white guy looks at me with this "What the fuck?" look on his face. So no, that wasn't her fiance, just some guy that she was out banging while GI Joe was on base, or back in the States. I wonder if she ever married the Air Force pilot.


    When I first got here, I dated this Korean girl who was pretty average in both looks and intelligence. I was young, and stupid, and wasn't making boatloads of money at the time. One day while coming up the escalator in Itaewon station, I see this same girl walking straight towards me, hand in hand with some white guy. She looks at me. I look at her. We make eye contact. I can sense that she is embarrassed and ashamed. I give her a big smile, and she jerks the guy's arm, leading him in the opposite direction. Gotcha, bitch!


    I was once out with this Korean girl who had spent several years abroad, I think in Canada. We ate at a night restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, and then watched a movie at the CoEx. She was in excellent shape, one of those girls who is an absolute health nut and works out all the time. Great figure, hard body, excellent communication skills and very well traveled. She also liked giving BJs in movie theaters. Anyway, a few days later I'm on Facebook, and I see this girl's photo. I click on it, and the messages on her wall all say "Congratulations on your wedding" and similar. Turns out she married some white guy days after seeing me last. Now for some reason, 7 years later, she shows up on my Kakaotalk list. Wonder if they are still married, or if she washed back up to Korea?

  2. I just search blogs looking to read some stories or anecdotes. I dont wanna hear about trivial daily things like how to ride the KTX or some androgynous hipster couple promoting K culture and media to their army of dunces and dullards. I want the straight talk from the people who see and live the real Korea with clear vision. Ive read and re-read ExHell 2-3 times from beginning blogs to end. Now I come here for a daily dose of truth and stories. BIJ, how long have you been in Korea versus how long have you run this or any blog? I ask because Ive never seen your blog before but you have tons of stories and anecdotes already. Too experience to be a newb. Have you just been sitting on these stories for a long time?


  3. God, I fucking hate Koreans and their useless 3rd world country, too. They're all fucking retarded. I can't wait to get out.

  4. this happens everywhere- not just korea.

    1. Hahahaha! Koreans always say this shit when they cannot lie about it.