Sunday, March 10, 2013

Viewer requests for Baek, In-je show topics

If any of the followers of this blog would like to submit suggestions for future show topics, please do so in the comments. Also, if you would like to see Mr. Kim or Miss Kim as co-host, please let me know that as well.

I'm pretty sure they both love the cock.


  1. 1. Road safety lessons from Korea.
    2. A series about the lies that hagwon owners and recruiters tell.
    3. A series about the K-government's miserable attempts to promote itself.
    4. A series about creepy foreigners who live in Korea, and speak Korean fluently, and try to start online pissing contests about who speaks Korean better than whom.
    5. A show about the various motivations Korean have for befriending you (hint none of them involve any actual interest in you/foreigners)
    6. A show about Hooker Hill.
    7. A show about Korean night club and dating rituals.
    8. A show about love motels (a million different sub-topics available).
    9. A show about the k-pop starlet casting couch.
    10. A show about Korean restaurants, and why the best Michelin starred Korean restaurants are all located outside of Korea.
    11. A show featuring 101 questions a potential ESL teacher should ask themselves before coming to Korea.

  2. Ari G here.

    1. Korean Sentry! Korean guys living in other countries defending Korean women from all things that are foreign men.

    2. Korean recruiters and the BS they carry on with.

  3. 1. Korean Sentry and the boys living in other countries defending Korea from Western influence.

    2. Korean recruiters.

  4. Lately, I met someone who taught English in North Korea who said the people were much nicer than their twins to the south and that they're not all starving to death over there and frothing at the mouth. That they're just not white people wannabees with their lips permanently glued to the Pentagon's ass.

    Baek-in-Je can you cut through some of the "North Korea is evil. One day if they stop picking on us, we'll re-unify" rhetoric? Because more and more, it's obvious that the half of the peninsula hell bent on self-erasure is embarrassed by the other half trying to maintain its cultural and political sovereignty.

    Mind you, they're both the same group thinking Me Tarzan You Jane neanderthals. Just wondering, what's your take?

  5. Number 4 from the list above!

  6. I don't know that I find that interesting. I don't have that much information on that.