Friday, June 7, 2013

Should I Marry a Korean Woman? The Baek, In-je guide to either marital bliss or an absolutely painful and slow demise

New video on Saturday, June 8, 2013.
Wake up, put your robe on, and sit in front of the computer like this was the Saturday morning cartoons, kids. Kind of the same thing; you have the same life skills and verisimilitude as cartoon characters: the touchy-feely ajosshi, the no-bra, low-tittied ajumma who elbows people for comedic effect, Korean women with a face full of plastic surgery and more make up on than a war party who strangely look less human than a Brat's doll.


  1. I married one, and I recommend against it. Although I love my children, I tolerate my wife.

    What keeps me in the marriage is the children. Without them, I would have been long gone.

    I do not recommend dating, let alone marrying, Korean women.

    (If you must know, I married her because she got pregnant. Part of me always believes she got so purposely. I love my (two) children, but if I could take a magic pill and go back in time for a do-over without any memory of my current life, including my children, I'd be tempted. Honestly, I love my children too much, but....)

  2. Out of curiosity, what is it about your wife that makes you only tolerate her?

    1. I "only tolerate her" because she is the mother of my children. Very simply, if I did not have children, I would be gone and she would be but a memory.

  3. Where's the video?

  4. Korean women always tell me that the first white men they saw were soldiers and how in awe of them they were. Korean men hiding behind the skirts of GI's led to Korean women developing fantasies about white men they expect reality to hold up to. Of course, reality's not fantasy. Koreans are too child-like a species to grasp this though.

  5. I guess I got lucky-almost 40 years married to a Korean woman. I'd do it all again,too.