Friday, June 14, 2013

Thinking of marrying a Korean woman?

I have no idea why he seems to have hiccups.


  1. Yep, you about nailed it. In your list of dislikes about living here, don't forget the food. The food sucks. Oh sure, some might like it once in a while. Korean BBQ might be fun to do in Korea Town once every six months or years or so, but day in and day out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner food that is indistinguishable from the meal before. It sucks.

    Oh, and the booze. That sucks too. Its only redeeming quality is that its cheap. There's a reason for that: its cheap. Soju is not alchohol; it's chemicals. Koreans know it, and they know that it's basically formaldehyde. The reason you get drunk off it is that you're poisoning your brain.

    The women? Think skinny-fat, hairy starfish. 'nuff said.

  2. Pity, man~

    You've gone from hilariously funny, witty observations about Korean 'culture' to just downright racist, cheap, flat and unoriginal pejorative statements about Korean people in general.

    Mebbe it's just as well you're no longer here. Might give your blood pressure a chance to average out!

    Peace, and farewell

  3. "Soju is not alchohol; it's chemicals."
    Where did you hear this? State your source. I have been saying this for years, but I have no proof...whatsoever.

    1. A bottle of soju sells for about as much as bottled water. I don't have to read the label. I just know the way that I know the $50 Rolex is more Fauxlex. As I've written, Koreans know that they're pickling their brains.

      Regardless, soju is vile. I don't see any difference between pharmaceutical induced altered states and those from gulping soju.

  4. Great commentary here. Excellent humor, as always. Glad to have you back!