Sunday, October 13, 2013

ER visit with woman I was in the middle of having sex with in Korea

"Why you say bad about the korea? Korean people so kind. Korean people very friendly, but we hate the Japanese. Please understand my culture. We were made to understand theirs...repeatedly."

I don't have much to write about pertaining to Korea or Koreans these days. We keep our Koreans in line in the neighborhood I live in. They don't flaunt anything Korean (except for white cars). Well, to clarify: we keep them in line, but we cant really de-Korean them now can we?

You know what Baek, In-je says: you can take the Korean out of korea, but you cant take korea out of the Korean.

There are a couple of Koreans who live on my block. I had seen them around. The second that I knew they were Koreans, before I had even heard or seen anything to tell me they were of the Cookie-Cutter Race, was when they walked past my place. The woman looks up at my house, sees me in the window, turns to the ajosshi, says something, then they both look up at me in my window.

I swear that it took every ounce of strength and fortitude of upbringing, class, and superior genetics not to flip them both the fuck off.

That's soooooo Korean!

Ok...the point of the headline: I want you, the readers, to submit stories like the ones I write or even better, like Jake at Expat Hell write. Since I don't have much to say about korea, not being there now, I want...we want to read your stories. Email them to

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  1. I don't write like you or the Expat, but I do have a lot of stories...