Saturday, November 2, 2013

I feel compelled to post

What are you still doing here? Why did you come back? I told you that it's over. It's over. I've left Korea, and I'm back in a much better place, albeit with jack-booted thugs in positions of authority.
Then why am I still involved with that Korean woman? Well...that's complicated. I am not a total racist yet. I can't really break up with her because she's Korean. But she is Korean. Yeah, but you know...she's different. She's not the typical Korean.
You've said that yourself, haven't you? EVERY time you date another pure-blood Korean.
"Well, Su-ji is different. She's not like the other Koreans."
Like choices or lifestyles had anything to do with that.
Deep down, she's been brainwash, and they did a damn good job. You've seen the Anti-Japanese paintings done by nationalistic-by-nature Korean Kindergarten Kids (that's the KKK to you and me).
Look around you for fuck's sake! You're on the subway with a carload of Korean zombies, already too oblivious to other humans not to bump them out of the way, every way, each day, but now you've got them zombied the fuck out on internet tv, chatting, or playing some mind numbing video game.
It's too late...your girlfriend has already been turned.
It's too late for you to have her scared straight out of being Korean. You'd have a better chance with those religious freaks slapping the cock out of the mouths of faggots with their bible and proclaiming them free of all impure cocksuckery.
No. You can't break up with someone because of their race. it isn't like I just found out about it.
"Oh my God! You're Korean!"
I try to get away from Koreans, but:

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