Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's with the door slammers?

Pet peeve number one in Korea has to be the door slammers. What's the deal here? Whether at work or at home, some Korean has to slam the door every time they come or go. It's like living in a country of Asian toddlers.
Two separate workplaces there were numerous door slammers. Imagine working with your back to a door that get periodically slammed open and closed without warning. Some of the DAKs open the door and let it fly, damaging the wall in back of them and causing a great deal of noise. I messaged a woman at work who repeatedly did this on a daily basis, and the return message was a laugh.  Of course, you can't complain to your DAK boss as he'll just think that the white guy, the foreigner, wants special treatment. The waegookin asked you to do something...ker ker ker.^^.
If you live in an apartment and there are door slammers, either threaten them with an impending beatdown or move. Asking them to not slam doors will not work.
If you ask a Korean to do something or not do something, even if it does not put them out (i.e. shutting the door quietly takes very little added effort), they will not do as you say, for if they do, then you have power over them.
That's some fucked up shit, but this attitude is pervasive in Korea.

And now, Korean Nazi cosplay cause Koreans think that it's HILLAROUS!  Notice in the first picture that the gun is pointed at the stomach of the fag in the overcoat. Those guys MUST have searved in the ROK army. (Who the FUCK does this kind of shit?! Oh...right...Koreans.

They are a stubborn and willfull people, and I guarantee you, if you piss one of them off and they can get revenge against you, they will, even if they have to tell bold faced lies that crumple on examination and they are forced to re-tell the lie, or simply change the lie right in your face.
The very first apartment that I lived in, which I lived there for almost three years, was quiet and had a view. It wasn't the most bug-free, but this is Korea; any older apartment is going to have bugs. I would choose bugs over noisy (and nosy) Koreans any day of the week as, as of this date, Killing bugs is legal but killing Koreans is not.
So next time you find that cockroach by himself, give him a good beating and maybe he wont slam his door anymore.


  1. I can't even get my (Korean) wife to stop slamming the sliding door-or the kitchen cupboard doors either. Car doors get a mighty slam,too.

  2. Why do you think she wont do as you ask?

  3. Who knows? Probably the same reasons you listed. She slammed the cat's tail in the door yesterday, which caused some anxious moments, but he's OK.

  4. I'd like for them to slam the doors shut in the winter. Who leaves doors wide open in the freezing cold?

    I am especially incredulous since Korea is barely a generation outside of subsistence.

  5. I suppose this is as good a place for a rant as any.
    We have a small U-pick orchard-mainly Korean pears. Every bad trait of Korean ajummas is frequently on display. Two just left-the price is per bucket-once they fill a bucket, I put the fruit in a plastic bag. If I don't tie it securely shut, they start cramming more pears in. Of course, they've already eaten about a bucketload as they picked, but they always want a few more-even when we sell them at a giveaway price. Since I'm polite, I don't count the payment in front of them-one lady shorted me $5.
    It's raining today-I told the ladies it's raining. They've been here before, but how do they come to pick? a thin non-waterproof windbreaker, no hat, heels. Aigooooooooooo.

  6. South Koreans are the world's biggest liars and cheats.

  7. "South Koreans are the world's biggest liars and cheats."
    What was your first clue? What was your ten thousandth clue?

  8. You guys see Koreans shut doors?!

    I am shocked.